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iSlips For PerfectLaw
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How do I sync my PerfectLaw data with iSlips For PerfectLaw?

Syncing Data

Before attempting to sync for the first time, please make sure you have purchased the required license from PerfectLaw.

Login Settings

In order to login to your company's PerfectLaw database you must first setup your login information. The easiest way to accomplish this is to request a Login Setup file from your IT person.

You can also manually enter in the information into the Login Settings screen. The Login Settings screen can be found by selecting the setup option in the lower left of the Synchronize Data screen.

Getting and Sending Data

Once you have setup your login information, you simply select the Start button on the Synchronize Data screen to receive all of your Clients, Matters, and Activities.

The entries that you make within iSlips For PefectLaw will be sent as part of the synchronization process.

Does iSlips For PerfectLaw allow multiple timers?

Yes iSlips For PerfectLaw does allow multiple timers. By default iSlips For PerfectLaw is set to not allow multiple timers. To turn on multiple timer follow these steps:

  • Select the Settings option.
  • Turn on Allow multiple timers.

Why does the rates in iSlips not always match PerfectLaw?

iSlips For PerfectLaw will use the rates associated with Matters to provide an approximate value for the entry. When the entries are synced with PerfectLaw, the rate rules in PerfectLaw will be applied for accurate rate selection and value for the entry.